Tweed argyle softgels 2,5 mg

20 Jun 2017 Why are 60 pills at 2.5 mg each, equal to 5 grams.if you times 2.5mg x 60 you get 150 mgnot 5  Whether you want to get creative, or stare at the ceiling for a few hours, Tweed's cannabis products are as diverse as our community. 22 Nov 2018 With everything going on in your life, the last thing you need to be confused about is consuming cannabis responsibly. Visit us today and learn  THC 2.5mg | CBD 3mg | 15 capsules | Indica dominant. Argyle is an indica-dominant strain with a balanced THC-to-CBD ratio. Its verdant green buds are quite 

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Tweed Argyle Capsules | | Canada's Cannabis Guide 2.5mg Capsules. Argyle (Nordle) is an indica-dominant strain with a balanced THC-to-CBD ratio. Its verdant green buds are quite dense and are accented by orange hairs. The terpenes myrcene and…

TWEED ARGYLE [2.45ML]. THC: 2.5 mg/capsule CBD: 2-4 mg/capsule with earthy hints from myrcene that add complexity and depth to these soft gels.

Black Label SoftGel Cannabis Caps | FC Vaporizer Review Forum i even tried some of tweed lot 3 oil which is only .5 thc and 13 mg cbd per mil . first time i tried it i used 1 mil and had surprisingly intense effects . i recently tried the same oil again but only a quarter of a mil which works out to be 0.13 mg thc and 3.25 mg cbd . even with this tiny dose i had effects which i liked much better then the Capsules, gélules, comprimés. Comment le cannabis peut aider. N’importe quel goût de l’huile de CBD vous choisissez, il faudra un certain temps pour s’y habituer. Cela se fait généralement après un certain temps d’utilisation, mais pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas s’habituer au goût ou qui veulent simplement un moyen simple de prendre, il y a alors les capsules de CBD.

598 Results TWEED BAKERSTREET (IND) CAPSULES - 60 x 2.5MG THC. Bakerstreet. Form TWEED HIGHLANDS (IND) CAPSULES - 15 X 2.5MG. Highlands. Form CBDNoneLowHigh. TWEED ARGYLE (H) CAPSULES - 60 x 10MG.

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